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Today April 16, 2014

Vacationing Alone

Written by Rudy on June 11, 2012 - 6:23 am -

Since everything is always dedicated to the men and women of the armed services, this Rudy Report is actually dedicated especially to everyone that is NOT in the armed services and serves the country in any other way, today on "National Hug Day." You may know this situation: You want to go on vacation to a place you'd like to visit, but everyone else refuses to go with you... like to France, for example. So what do you do? You go alone! It can be fun as long as you bring the right equipment...


In the Euro, Germany crushed Portugal 1-0, while the Netherlands got upset by Denmark. Italy (with arguably the best national anthem) had a solid 1-1 tie against Spain. There will be more great games this week. A leg injury prohibited "I'll Have Another" from participating in the Belmont Stakes and from having a chance to win the Triple Crown. In the end, Union Rags won the race. Speaking of horses, Maria Sharapova won the women's tournament at the French Open. Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic in the men's final for a record 7th title. In baseball, the Yankees swept the Mets in three games as expected. In the Stanley Cup Finals, New Jersey won again to extend the series against the Kings to a sixth game. And, in the NBA, Miami beat Boston in Game 7 to advance to the NBA Finals, where they will be facing Oklahoma.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Jose Reyes, Geoff Ogilvy, Joe Montana, Jackie Stewart, and Ukrainian hammer throwing legend Yuriy Sedykh. On this day in 1919, Sir Barton won the Belmont Stake, becoming the first horse to win the Triple Crown. Have a great week, there is a new Dear Rudy about a bet that Rudy apparently lost, and learn something about women and patents in the Random Fact section!

Deal With The Devils - The New Jersey Devils have apparently found a new investor that will bring in money and resolve the franchise's debt situation. Read here.

It Takes Two

Written by Rudy on June 08, 2012 - 6:38 am -

This Rudy Report has so many great stories and information that you probably don't have to read any news for the entire weekend, because it's all in here, today on "National Stolen Car Day." Rudy would like to point out that you have to be careful and vigilant when going shopping. Not every deal that sounds great is actually a good deal. Here's one example...


The Euro 2012 is kicking off today with two bankrupt countries playing against each other: Poland versus Greece. Manchester United wants to buy Tottenham star Luka Modric for $34 million. Maria Sharapova will take on Sara Errani in the women's final at the French Open. Chad Ochocinco has been dropped from the New England Patriots. In baseball, the Yankees beat Tampa Bay, while the Mets lost against Washington. And, in the NBA playoffs, LeBron James led the Heat to an impressive victory over Boston, which means there will be a Game 7.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Michael Cammalleri, Kim Clijsters, Lindsay Davenport, Butch Reynolds, and Japanese baseball sensation Kenji Johjima. On this day in 1955, the Dodgers optioned Tommy Lasorda to make room on the roster for Sandy Koufax. Have a great weekend, there is no new Dear Rudy at the moment, but find out what the record for balancing spoons on a face is in the Random Fact section!

Coming Up Short - Businessman Greg Jamison apparently does not have enough funds lined up to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes. Read here.

Going Old School

Written by Rudy on June 07, 2012 - 6:23 am -

The Rudy Report would like to thank you for procrastinating and reading this before answering important e-mails, because, clearly, you really know what matters in life, today on "National June Bug Day." While technology companies come out with new gadgets all the time, we need to ask ourselves: Do we really need them? Of course, we do! Either way, there are some folks who do not conform and stick to what has worked well for decades...


The Euro 2012 will begin on Friday. One of the early first round top games will be Germany against Portugal on Saturday. Also on Saturday, the Belmont Stakes will take place and "I'll Have Another" could win the Triple Crown. At the French Open, Roger Federer will take on Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal will play against David Ferrer. In baseball, the Yankees beat Tampa Bay, while the Mets lost against Washington. In the NHL, New Jersey beat the LA Kings to prolong the Stanley Cup finals by at least one more game. And, in the NBA, Oklahoma qualified for the NBA Finals with a win against San Antonio.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Milan Lucic, Anna Kournikova, Allen Iverson, Mike Modano, and New Zealandian cricket master Shane Bond (brother of James). On this day in 1975, the inaugural Cricket World Cup began in England. Can you hear the crickets? Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but learn something semi-interesting about mosquito repellents in the Random Fact section!

Details Needed - The city of Los Angeles wants more details and better environmental studies from AEG before moving on with a plan for a new NFL stadium. Read here.

Protecting Freedom

Written by Rudy on June 06, 2012 - 6:56 am -

Just like every year, the hardest time for Rudy Report fans is coming up, when we will be taking our first Official Rudy Report Summer Break of 2012, starting on June 18th, but hey, no need to be sad, at least not today on "National Couple Appreciation Day." Last week, it was Memorial Day in the United States. It's a time when Americans thank their soldiers for protecting their freedom in countries they cannot find on a map. Today, the Rudy Report salutes the troops...


At the French Open, Samantha Stosur and Sara Errani became the first two players to reach the women's semifinals. In baseball, the Yankees beat Tampa Bay, while the Mets lost against Washington. And, in the NBA playoffs, the Celtics beat Miami to take a 3-2 series lead.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Tony Yeboah, Cam Neely, Ed Giacomin, and British skateboarding legend Geoff Rowley. On this day in 1933, the first drive-in theater opened in Camden, New Jersey. Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but learn something interesting about basketball history in the Random Fact section!

On The Brink - The New Jersey Devils have not yet repaid an $80 million loan to a group of banks and would be in default if they hadn't received an extension. Read here.

Another Suitor - A businessman from Houston has indicated interest in buying Major League Baseball franchise San Diego Padres. Read here. 

A Closer Look - More details emerge about the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to investor Greg Jamison, which include a possible name change for the team. Read here. 

Summer In The City

Written by Rudy on June 05, 2012 - 11:06 am -

While there are less fortunate people in the world that have nothing to eat and/or read, you have the Rudy Report, which should make you feel very privileged, today on "National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Day." Many people are trying to escape the cities in the summer. They head to lakes, beaches, and other locations that are more bearable than a muggy urban setting. But cities have their summer festivals, too...


Chris Bosh will return to the Miami Heat for Game 5 against the Boston Celtics. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls seem to be interested in signing Jason Kidd. In baseball, the Mets lost against St. Louis, while the New York Yankees had the day off. And, in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the New Jersey Devils got crushed by the LA Kings, now basically surrendering the title by trailing the series 3-0.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Torry Holt, Patrick Head, Art Donovan, and Lithuanian basketball legend Zydrunas Ilgauskas. On this day in 1883, the first regularly scheduled Orient Express departed Paris. Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy at the moment, but learn something about Chinese medicine in the Random Fact section!

The Funny Team - Comedian Bill Maher has revealed that he has purchased a minority stake in Major League Baseball franchise New York Mets. Read here.