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Today April 23, 2014

Fantasy Football

Written by Rudy on July 09, 2012 - 2:41 am -

The Rudy Report Fantasy Football League is live now (on Yahoo, password rudy), which some may say is a bit early, but Rudy wants to build up tension and months of smack talk, including the very first 2012 Fantasy Football Dear Rudy, today on "National Intern Appreciation Day." As you know, Fantasy Football can be a fierce competition. No matter how far behind you fall in the first few games, you should never give up. Or should you?!?!


At Wimbledon, Roger Federer beat a pale British guy to win his seventh title. Serena Williams won the women that look like men's competition. The Tour de France has started and nobody is watching. There were also some other sporting events while the Rudy Report was on break, such as Rudy Report Athlete of the Year 2011 Mario Balotelli single-handedly eliminating Germany from the Euro 2012, and the Miami Heat beating the Seattle SuperSonics to capture the NBA Championship. Bayern Munich is interested in signing Italian star Andrea Pirlo. And, in baseball, the Yankees probably beat Boston again (Note: Check a boring site for the exact score), while the Mets lost against the Chicago Cubs.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Trent Green, Paolo Di Canio, Gianluca Vialli, OJ Simpson, and Dutch long track speed skating legend Jochem Uytdehaage. On this day in 1877, the inaugural Wimbledon Championships were opened. Have a great week, as mentioned, there is a brand-new Dear Rudy about Fantasy Football, and learn something interesting about US beer commercials in the Random Fact section!

Getting In - Two minority owners of the Philadelphia 76ers are becoming co-owners of Major League Soccer franchise DC United. Read here.

Public Criticism - Several shareholders of Premier League club Arsenal London are criticizing majority owner Stan Kroenke over the way he runs the organization. Read here.

Split Eagle - The owner of NFL franchise Philadelphia Eagles is getting divorced, which may have an impact on the team with the Dodgers divorce possibly presenting a precedent. Read here.

I Like The Way You Move

Written by Rudy on June 15, 2012 - 6:35 am -

Alright folks, as hard as this is going to be, this is the last Rudy Report before the Summer Break, but nothing will happen anyways between now and July 9th as the world stands still without Rudy, but not today on "National Eat an Oreo Day." By the way, in case you're wondering as to why the Summer Break starts now: Rudy will be moving to a new global Rudy Report World Headquarters location. Of course, Rudy is moving in style...


In the Euro, Spain beat Ireland, while Italy just had a draw against Croatia, which may not be enough. At the US Open, Tiger Woods is in second place, three shots behind a guy that nobody has ever heard of. In baseball, the Mets beat Tampa Bay. And, in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Miami beat Oklahoma to tie the series.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Tim Lincecum, Derek Anderson, Andy Pettitte, Oliver Kahn, Wade Boggs, Dusty Baker, and Danish soccer legend Michael Laudrup. On this day in 1954, the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) was formed in Basel, Switzerland. Have a great summer break, come back on July 9th, there will be a brand-new Dear Rudy about Fantasy Football when we return, and learn something about donuts in the Random Fact section!

US-Bound - Premier League club Manchester United is now considering an initial public offering in the United States, worth around $500 million. Read here.

Strong Group - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has joined a group that is trying to bring a National Basketball League franchise back to Seattle. Read here. 

A New Rival - The president of Russian hockey league KHL has made plans for a European league that could become a real rival to the NHL. Read here.

Huge Deal - The fees paid to broadcast Premier League games domestically have reached a new record with the league making more than GBP 3 billion. Read here. 

Pre-July 4th Edition

Written by Rudy on June 14, 2012 - 8:49 am -

If you are reading the Rudy Report, you are probably a woman (or a man, high probability that you are either one or the other), today on "National Swim a Lap Day." As you sadly know, the Rudy Report will be on summer break for a few weeks, and we will also be offline during Independence Day. However, Rudy has decided to move the date up to today and celebrate. We love you, Ammerikha!


At the Euro, Germany celebrated another easy victory in the "Group of Death." This time it was a 2-1 win against the Netherlands. The US Open is set to begin today at the Olympic Club, with Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, and Phil Mickelson playing together for the first two days. Lance Armstrong is once again being investigated for doping, which could cost him all seven Tour de France titles. And, in baseball, both the Yankees (versus Atlanta) and the Mets (against Tampa Bay) had repeat victories.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Sam Perkins, Steffi Graf, Fred Funk, Pat Summitt, Don Newcombe, and American speed skating legend Eric Heiden. On this day in 1900, Hawaii became a US territory. Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but learn something interesting about your body in the Random Fact section!

Drop Out - One bidder has ended his efforts to acquire Major League Baseball franchise San Diego Padres due to a lack of funds needed to rebuild the club. Read here.

The Awkward Moment

Written by Rudy on June 13, 2012 - 8:29 am -

With just two more days until the Official Rudy Report Summer Break,  we will make sure that this report and the following will last you throughout the break, including today on "National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day." You know how women get really upset when they see another woman wearing the same outfit? Well, that can happen to men, too...


The US Open tournament is set to begin tomorrow at the Olympic Club in San Francisco. French club Paris Saint Germain wants to spend $47 million on Tottenham star Luka Modric. In baseball, the Yankees are looking good after yet another victory against Atlanta. The Mets beat Tampa Bay. And, in Game One of the NBA Finals, Oklahoma beat Miami to take the first series lead.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Jason Spezza, Florent Malouda, Valeri Bure, and Swedish tennis legend Anders Jaerryd. On this day in 1993, Patty Sheehan won the 39th Mazda LPGA Championship, which should tell you that nothing really exciting happened on that day. Have a great day, there is still the new Dear Rudy about apparent Rudy betting stories, and see yet another example of why the French are crazy in the Random Fact section!

Quiet Deal - The Memphis Grizzlies will be sold to businessman Robert Pera, who will reportedly pay $350 million for the NBA franchise. Read here.

Big Blow - Scottish soccer club Glasgow Rangers is in trouble after tax authorities rejected a plan that would have lifted the team out of bankruptcy. Read here.

Trashing In Style

Written by Rudy on June 12, 2012 - 8:42 am -

Let's be honest, not every day is an exciting day and there aren't always interesting news, but the Rudy Report will absolutely do everything to make even the most boring news sound spectacular, today on "National Machine Day." By the way, do you know what you should do with all the other reports out there that are trying to copy the Rudy Report? That's right! You throw them in the trash. In style, of course...


At the Euro, France had a 1-1 draw against England, while Ukraine beat Sweden 2-0 thanks to two goals by aging superstar Andriy Shevchenko. Chad Ochocinco may join the Miami Dolphins next season. In baseball, the Yankees beat Atlanta. And, in the NHL, the LA Kings beat the New Jersey Devils easily at home to win the series and the Stanley Cup. Congratulations to a city that doesn't even know they have a hockey team!

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Dallas Clark, Wade Redden, Hideki Matsui, Ryan Klesko, and Swiss soccer sensation Eren Derdiyok. On this day in 1939, the Baseball Hall of Fame opened in Cooperstown, NY. Have a great day, there is the new Dear Rudy about Rudy's losing bet rumors, and learn something interesting about bowel movements in the Random Fact section!

Some Doubts - Industry experts are doubting the existence of a true financial backer of the New Jersey Devils as the team needs to fix its debt load. Read here. 

Going Too Far - Many soccer fans are not traveling to the cities far East in the Ukraine where the Euro 2012 is held, threatening revenue goals in the country. Read here.