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Today May 28, 2020

Barely Missed Friday The 13th...

Written by Rudy on November 13, 2008 - 10:23 am -

The Rudy Report is coming to you with lots of great information on Thursday, November 13, which also happens to be "World Kindness Day." So let's be nice to each other today. World financial markets haven't been nice at all recently. Banks are struggling and General Motors is almost bankrupt. However, there's still General Electric, whose lights have not gone out yet (see what I did there?), and there's plenty of General Panic.

The Rudy Report was live at the AC/DC concert at Madison Square Garden last night (see below). Rudy asked you, which celebrity should rock out with AC/DC in order to rival the famous A-Rod-Madonna tryst. The best answer was submitted by "FoodForThought" who suggested Joey Chestnut - the current Nathan's 4th of July Hot Dog Eating World Champion - who also hold the Peanut Butter Sandwich Eating World Record (59 sandwiches in 10 minutes). According to "FoodForThought", not even these hyper guys on Ninja Warrior are more hardcore than him...


Anyways, there were also some noteworthy sporting events. The New York Knicks won yet another game. This time they ended their 1-game losing streak by defeating the Memphis Grizzlies. In the NHL, the New York Rangers beat the New Jersey Devils 5-2. As a reward, the Rangers were allowed to go back to Manhattan, while the Devils had to stay in New Jersey... The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Ron Artest, Vinny Testaverde, and the Holland Tunnel (successfully supporting the Bridge & Tunnel crowd since 1927)! On this day in 1990, the World Wide Web was established. Have a great day and stay tuned for the launch of Hockeybarn.com tomorrow!

English Soccer Responds To World Crisis - The Football League is implementing tighter financial rules. Read here.

Coyotes To Be Sold? - Management is denying rumors that the NHL team is up for sale. Read here.

West Ham United Denies Troubles - The Premier League club is arguing that their financials are sound. Read here.

NASCAR Running Out Of Gas - The economy is taking a toll on the Midwest's favorite sport. Read here.

Forced Out? - Banks could force American ownership to sell Liverpool Football Club within the next few months. Read here.

For Those About To Rock...

Written by Rudy on November 12, 2008 - 9:24 am -

The Rudy Report says "Welcome Back" to all veterans returning to work, today on "National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day." There are reports - and this is serious - saying that professional athletes could get banned from using Viagra because it might be a performance-enhancing drug. Might be? What else could it be?!?

In any case, the New York Islanders lost (again), this time 3-1 against Pittsburgh. Also in the NHL, the St. Louis Blues are implementing a "Fan Bailout Plan" which aims at cutting costs for fans. Fans are invited to see cheaper games on "Fannie & Freddie Mortgage Saturdays." The New York Knicks were able to lose to San Antonio by only 12 points. Last night, the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place. The newest members are Glenn Anderson, Igor Larionov, Ed Chynoweth, and Ray Scapinello. To prove that this actually happened, have a look at three of these dudes playing with their sticks in the picture below:


By the way, the Rudy Report will be live at tonight's AC/DC concert at Madison Square Garden - the lifestyle event of the year. If A-Rod rocks out with Madonna, I want you, the readers, to make a suggestion which New York athlete should rock out with AC/DC tonight. Let Rudy know! The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Jason Lezak (that other guy in the water behind Michael Phelps), Sammy Sosa, and Michael Moorer (That's the superlative to Michael Moore). On this day in 1998, Daimler-Benz completed the merger with Chrysler to create Daimler-Chrysler. That was back in the day when General Motors was still a company... Have a great day, check out the newest "Dear Rudy", and stay tuned for the launch of Hockeybarn.com tomorrow!

Bettman Returns - Gary Bettman says a second NHL team in Toronto could be worth $600 million, asks for feasibility study. Read here.

Portsmouth Football Club Next Takeover Target? - A South-African consortium might be the next owner of the Premier League club. Read here.

Russian Hockey League Struggling - The KHL is affected by the economy and players are starting to worry. Read here.

Pittsburgh Steelers Ownership Dispute To Be Resolved Soon - The Rooney family is working on a deal to sell the NFL's Steelers before the end of the season. Read here.

AEG On Its Way To Great Britain - Los Angeles-based Anschutz Entertainment Group, the entity owning MLS Los Angeles Galaxy, is said to be in talks with Newcastle United. Read here.

Always Remember Your First Rudy Report

Written by Rudy on November 11, 2008 - 9:38 am -

The Rudy Report is back with its first regular edition coming to you from New York City on a windy "National Air Day." For everyone who does not know the Rudy Report. Every day, the Rudy Report declares a holiday and summarizes important sports results and news, followed by interesting links from the business of sports. You also get a chance to congratulate your favorite athletes in the Rudy Report birthday shout-out. Keeping this in mind:

The New Jersey Nets lost to the Miami Heat. Good news for all Knicks fans: The team from MSG did not lose... but that's because they did not play. In the NHL, the New York Rangers lost a close game to the Edmonton Oilers. Please make sure to check out some of the newest Dear Rudy's. The response to the Rudy Report has been overwhelming, so please give Rudy a chance to answer everyone in a timely manner. The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Matt Garza, Willie Parker, and Indian cricket sensation Robin Uthappa. On this day in 1926, Route 66 was established. Have a great day and enjoy the articles of the Rudy Report! Don't forget, Hockeybarn.com will launch tomorrow!

Blackberry CEO To Buy Montreal Canadiens? - Jim Balsillie might be the future owner of the NHL's Montreal Canadiens despite denials by current ownership. Read here.

Be Like Mike - Michael Jordan reportedly interested in becoming Charlotte Bobcats majority owner. Read here.

Chelsea's New Stadium? - Chelsea London Football Club might be looking to build a new arena in London. Read here.

Cuban Still Wants Cubs - Despite several rumors, Mark Cuban says he still wants to buy the Chicago Cubs. Read here.

Usmanov Buys More Arsenal Shares - The Russian billionaire continues his takeover of the London-based club. Read here.

Chicago Cubs Bid Deadline is November 26 - If you want to buy the Cubs, you have to hurry. The Tribune has set a deadline. Read here.

Fans Want To Buy Liverpool FC - Liverpool fans increase efforts to force out US ownership. Read here.

NFL Players Want To See Financials - Some players have urged owners to reveal team financials, before both parties enter into CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) talks. Read here.

West Ham United's Sponsor Troubles - One of West Ham's sponsors is involved in a match-fixing scandal. Read here.

The Rudy Report Is Back!!!!

Written by Rudy on November 10, 2008 - 8:49 am -

In recent months, the US government has taken several steps to help the economy avoid a recession and stimulate growth. None of these measures have had a significant impact on the market. That is why Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson along with political leaders and the Federal Reserve have asked The Rudy Report to make a comeback!

Today, the Rudy Report returns making its online debut. From today on, you will be able to access the Rudy Report anytime and anywhere (Note: The Rudy Report is not available in France). The new Rudy Report is better, more comprehensive, and more informative than ever before.

Of course, Rudy expects you to participate frequently. Please sign up for the Rudy Report, submit responses, or even write a comment in the famous "Dear Rudy" section for your chance to become a star. Your participation and your opinion (as long as it is aligned with the Rudy Report's opinions) is key to success of this site. I am looking forward to having a lot of fun with you, the readers.

So please click on the Rudy Report every day - your source of information for the business of sports, the toughest restaurant reviews, funny quotes & facts, and much more. In the next few days, the site will grow rapidly as we add information for all sections of the website.

The Rudy Report is proud to partner with Hockeybarn.com - the ultimate online hockey community where hockey hits the 'net (Get it?!?) - which will be available shortly. Please stay tuned for the launch of Hockeybarn.com tomorrow!

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