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Today March 30, 2015

Don't Play With Vodka

Written by Rudy on July 07, 2011 - 11:24 am -

It is July 7th and the Rudy Report thinks it would have been a nice date to pick for the end of the world, but nobody has done that, which is a surprise, today on "National Ice Cream Cone Day." You know that drinking too much can be dangerous, especially if it's alcohol... However, there are worse things you can do with booze. So be careful and don't microwave it...


Manchester City has signed Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri for $30 million. The 2018 Winter Olympics were awarded to the Korean city of Pyeongchang. And, in baseball, the Yankees lost against Cleveland, while the Mets once again faced the Dodgers in a game where there were no winners...

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Joe Sakic, Michelle Kwan, Erik Zabel, and American luge legend Tony Benshoof. On this day in 1985, Boris Becker became the youngest player ever to win Wimbledon at age 17. Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy at the moment, but find out something amazing about the Rolling Stones that you did not know for sure in the Random Fact section!

Not Agreeing - The city of St. Paul is opposing a tax increase that would be used to finance a stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. Read here.

Less Boston - The New York Times Co. has sold more than half of its ownership stake in the Boston Red Sox to undisclosed investors. Read here.

Reading Material - The Los Angeles Dodgers want to see more documents from Major League Baseball while battling in bankruptcy court. Read here.

Day On The Beach

Written by Rudy on July 06, 2011 - 12:50 pm -

This Rudy Report is the most technologically advanced so far, but you won't notice a thing, because the transition of this top secret technology is so smooth, today on "National Fried Chicken Day." However, the Rudy Report is not the only technologically advanced player in town. There seems to be some great R&D going on at the beach. These brothers (they are actual brothers, not what you think) have figured it all out...


Star wide receiver Chad Ochocinco may end up playing for the New England Patriots. Real Madrid has acquired Portuguese defensive talent Fabio Coentrao from Benfica Lisbon for $43.5 million. Tiger Woods has also canceled his participation in the British Open. In the FIFA Women's Soccer World Cup, Germany crushed France as always. And, in baseball, the Yankees beat Cleveland, while the Mets met the Dodgers again in the Bankruptcy Court Classic.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Brandon Jacobs, Pau Gasol, Ron Duguay, Willie Randolph, and Japanese sumo legend Asahifuji Seiya. On this day in 1785, the dollar was unanimously chosen as the monetary unit for the United States. Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but learn something interesting about Sigmund Freud in the Random Fact section!

Investment Race - Struggling Formula One team Hispania Racing has sold a controlling stake to investment firm Thesan Capital for $29 million. Read here.

A Historic Report

Written by Rudy on July 05, 2011 - 6:14 am -

The Rudy Report is proud to make the historic announcement, letting the world know that a loyal reader whose parents have a house in South Dakota has been there to read the report, thereby eliminating the last black hole in the United States, which means that the Rudy Report is now being read everywhere, today on "National Workaholics Day." And, of course, a historic reports calls for a historic survey, which we will provide for you right here...


Joey "Jaws" Chestnut won the Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island with 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. The New York Rangers are trying to sign top free agent Brad Richards. The Rudy Report is making the prediction that the NBA lockout is just temporary, and there is no threat to next season. In Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal in 4 easy sets, while Petra Kvitova beat Maria Sharapova in the final to capture the women's title. And, in baseball, the Yankees lost against Cleveland, while the Mets played against the Dodgers in the Bankruptcy Classic. The final result is still being determined in bankruptcy court...

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Hernan Crespo, Nicolas Kiefer, Gianfranco Zola, Goose Gossage, and American hockey legend John LeClair. On this day in 1996, Dolly the Sheep became the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. Have a great week, there is no new Dear Rudy at the moment, but find out something about oceans in the Random Fact section!

Taking Longer - The negotiations with hedge fund manager David Einhorn regarding his purchase of a minority stake in the New York Mets is taking longer than expected. Read here.

High Fee - The Los Angeles Dodgers had to pay a $5-million fee to obtain bankruptcy financing, but the loan may be replaced by one from MLB. Read here.

Dog Days Of Summer

Written by Rudy on July 01, 2011 - 7:42 am -

While the hype about Charlie Sheen is completely gone, the Rudy Report is still going strong, surviving any short-lived trend, like today on "International Joke Day." And since it's "International Joke Day", here's one for you: How can you identify a French infantryman? Sunburned armpits. Anyways, if you have pets, you may want to take them to the beach with you this summer. However, if you leave them somewhere, make sure to do that properly. Trust me, everyone has been looking for this dog's owner...


Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas is confident that he will be able to transfer to Barcelona this summer. It looks like Carson Palmer will leave the Cincinnati Bengals. In Wimbledon, Maria Sharapova will face Petra Kvitova in the final. And, in baseball, the Yankees beat Milwaukee, while the Mets lost against Detroit.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Forrest Griffin, Jarome Iginla, Ruud van Nistelrooy, and Ecuadorian race walking legend Jefferson Perez. On this day in 1979, Sony introduced the Walkman. Have a great weekend, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but learn something about Napoleon that you did not know for sure in the Random Fact section!

Total Control - While the court battles are still ongoing, it seems that Major League Baseball is making a serious push towards taking over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Read here.

Trouble Brewing - The owner of British soccer club Birmingham City has been charged with money laundering in Hong Kong, which could have consequences for the club. Read here.

The Art Of Texting

Written by Rudy on June 30, 2011 - 7:33 am -

The Rudy Report is here to help you into the second half of the year, despite many reports in the past few months that the world might end, today on "National Meteor Day." Texts don't just serve a general purpose anymore, they are used for social interaction nowadays. You can even be romantic... if you can come up with the right things to say...


After the Mets, the New York Yankees have also expressed interest in Prince Fielder, even though they have a strong 1B player with Mark Teixeira. Roger Federer got eliminated in Wimbledon. The Korean women's team blamed its World Cup loss against the United States on lightning, which struck its training facility and injured five players. There are no reports that confirm a lightning strike though... And, in baseball, the Yankees beat Milwaukee, while the Mets crushed Detroit once again.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Michael Phelps, Trevor Ariza, Ralf Schumacher, Frank Rost, and Polish sprint canoeing legend Karolina Sadalska. On this day in 1906, the United States passed the Pure Food & Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act. That somehow sounds wrong... Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy at the moment, but you can learn something interesting about Texas in the Random Fact section!

Moving Forward - A court approved a loan by a hedge fund to the Los Angeles Dodgers as MLB gets slightly more lenient in its negotiations. Read here.

Not Undercover - The discussions of executives in Los Angeles with potential NFL teams that could move to town are taking place with the blessing of the commissioner. Read here.