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Today April 16, 2014

National Bad Hair Day

Written by Rudy on August 20, 2010 - 5:55 am -

While you are heading into the weekend, you can be sure that the Rudy Report will (most likely, well, probably) work throughout Saturday and Sunday to have the best stuff ready for you on Monday, but that's not today on "National Bad Hair Day." As you know, Bad Hair Day is one of the Rudy Report's major holidays of the year. Without further ado (because there is really nothing you can say), Rudy presents you with the undisputed "2010 Rudy Report Bad Hair of the Year Award" winner...


It looks like the New Jersey Nets will have a realistic shot at Carmelo Anthony next year, because the Knicks could fail to present a compelling offer. The NHL is considering the elimination of shootouts. Rudy favorite Roger Clemens will be indicted for perjury about his steroids use. The Yankees scored 9 runs in the final inning to beat Detroit 11-5. The Mets played against Houston, and if you want a result for that game, you need to consult a less reputable source, but not the Rudy Report.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Don King (hence "Bad Hair Day"), Chris Drury, Todd Helton, and Argentinian rugby twins Felipe and Manuel Contepomi. On this day in 1920, the National Football League was founded in the United States. Have a great weekend, there is no new Dear Rudy today, but learn something about Russians and their phone habits in the Random Fact section!

Further Discussions - A businessman from California seems to be close to buying the Detroit Pistons, but other groups remain in the running. Read here.

High Interest - Manchester United will have to pay a rate of 16.25% in interest on a payment-in-kind note worth GBP 200 million, which is a huge burden. Read here.

Closing In - There are rumors that Tom Hicks will be able to sell the Dallas Stars very soon for an estimated price of $300 million. Read here.

Looking For A Partner - Officials have started the process to actively look for a tenant that could move into the Olympic Stadium in London after the Games. Read here.

Noise Protection

Written by Rudy on August 19, 2010 - 6:58 am -

The Rudy Report coming to you on the third Thursday in August clearly always is a special edition, which is confirmed by veteran readers, today on "National Spicy Food Day." More and more people enjoy going to shooting ranges and fire off some guns. It's an interesting trend. Make sure to protect your ears, because these things are loud. However, please do it in a safe, Rudy-approved way, and not like this guy...


Oh wait! Looks like Brett Favre has come out of retirement again. The Vikings seem ready to start him this season. Nicolas Anelka got banned from the French national soccer team for 18 matches after a serious argument with the coach during the World Cup. Anelka is said to be "dying of laughter" (just like anyone else who gets a threat from the French). And, in baseball, the Yankees, of course, beat Detroit, while the Mets game went into extra innings against Houston. There were at least 13 innings, possibly more, but everyone was asleep by then...

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Marco Materazzi (his dad is Papa Razzi), JJ Hardy, Iban Mayo, and Belgian pole vault sensation Kevin Rans. On this day in 1934, the first All-American Soap Box Derby was held in Dayton, Ohio. Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but you can learn something about wasabi that you had no idea about in the Random Fact section!

Fan Involvement - The "Fanshare" initiative at Arsenal London will give fans small ownership stakes and a bit of say in the club. Read here.

Budget Gap - The mayor of Newark is reluctant to sell the fairly new Prudential Center to private investors in order to close a budget gap. Read here.

Sources And Uses - Fans of Premier League club Liverpool FC want to know exactly who the people behind a bid from Syria are before selling the team. Read here.

Chill Out Zone

Written by Rudy on August 18, 2010 - 5:20 am -

A new survey has found that 84.8% of readers prefer the Rudy Report over watching the flood in Pakistan on television, which shows you what's really more fun, today on "National Eat Dessert First Day." Many of you have been on or are still going on a summer vacation. There are many nice places to visit. However, this guy in the picture gets the win for finding the most unique summer chill out spot...


The Washington Nationals have signed baseball talent Bryce Harper. Manchester City has acquired James Milner from Aston Villa. German midfield star Mesut Ozil is transferring to Real Madrid for 18 million Euros. Eva Longoria has revealed that her husband Tony Parker would like to play basketball in New York. The Yankees finally showed a normal performance again and beat Detroit. The Mets were also back to normal, losing against Houston.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Jeremy Shockey, Esteban Cambiasso, Just Fontaine (former French soccer player, hence the weird name), and Pakistan's queen of squash Carla Khan. On this day in 1982, the longest baseball game at Wrigley Field ended after 22 innings, when the Dodgers beat the Cubs 2-1. Have a great day, check out some of the recent Dear Rudys, and find out yet another curious thing about France in the Random Fact section!

Two Different Shirts - After signing a shirt sponsor for the Premier League, the Tottenham Hotspurs have signed a shirt sponsor for all cup competitions for GBP 2.5 million a year. Read here.

Big Opportunity - Private construction companies in India stand to earn billions after the government has failed to build a solid stadium in Delhi. Read here.

Sweet Deal - Sources say that the deal talks between the Blackburn Rovers and a potential buyer have been very positive, with the team expecting a GBP 100 million budget for new players. Read here.

Wrong Usage

Written by Rudy on August 17, 2010 - 7:50 am -

Congratulations on choosing to read the Rudy Report, because by doing so, you identify yourself as a member of the world lifestyle and sports elite, today on "International Tell a Joke Day." And here's the joke: One man calls emergency: "Come immediately, my little son has swallowed a condom!" Five minutes later, the man calls again: "It's okay, I found another one." And if you can't tell, the joke has ended. Oh, and do me a favor, next time there is a party, tell this guy right here how to use a public toilet properly...

Toilet 1_1

The NFL pre-season is in full swing and the Giants easily beat the Jets at the New Meadowlands Stadium. In baseball, the Yankees lost against Detroit. What a bummer. The Mets beat Houston. What a bummer. And, in the English Premier League, Manchester United crushed Newcastle United 3-0 in dominant fashion.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Tyrus Thomas, Rudy Gay (the Prop 8 basketball-playing version, not affiliated with Rudy), Dustin Pedroia, Antwaan Randle El, Thierry Henry, Jorge Posada (Hip Hip Jorge!), Christian Laettner, and Zimbabwean cricket legend Keith Dabengwa. On this day in 1907, the Pike Place Market, the longest continuously-running public farmers market in the US, opened in Seattle. Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but learn something about the salute that you didn't know for sure in the Random Fact section.

Magic In The Air - Former basketball star Magic Johnson is apparently one of many suitors interested in acquiring the Detroit Pistons. Read here.

In Denial - Liverpool FC and its American owners are denying that the sale process has reached a roadblock, saying that a final deal is expected soon. Read here.

Managing Wealth - A new report in the Wall Street Journal is taking a look at wealth management services for international sports stars. Read here.

Another One - Premier League club Portsmouth FC is hoping for a stable ownership situation with Balram Chainrai rumored to be the next boss. Read here.

Restaurant Week

Written by Rudy on August 16, 2010 - 7:07 am -

Congratulations to all of you who survived Friday the 13th, the Rudy Report is back for another great week of unpredictable news and features, like today on "National Say Whatever You Want Day." It's Restaurant Week(s) in New York City, and you should go out and take advantage of some great deals. For more information, you can always consult the Rudy Report Restaurant Guide. Here's one place you shouldn't miss...

Restaurant 1_1

Finally, Germany can move on from Bernhard Langer and welcome the new German golf superstar Martin Kaymer. Kaymer became the first German to win the PGA Championship. Tiger Woods improved his handicap slightly from last week. Dustin Johnson deserved to win, but an unfortunate ruling ended his run. Manchester City is said to be offering Barcelona striker a salary of $150 million for a 4-year contract. The Yankees lost against Kansas City (not a joke). The Mets also played baseball, but nobody was watching. Oh, and Kevin Harvick is this week's favorite redneck having won the NASCAR Carfax 400 in Michigan.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Roque Santa Cruz, Stefan Klos, and Finnish discus throwing legend Tiina Kankaanpaeae (no spelling error made here, just so you know). On this day in 1954, the first edition of Sports Illustrated was published. Today, they have fallen way behind the Rudy Report.... Have a great week, there is still the Dear Rudy about Long Island, and learn something about mourning in Egypt in the Random Fact section!

Potential Candidate - A group from Bahrain is close to purchasing British team Blackburn Rovers, ready to spend as much as GBP 300 million for the club and new players. Read here.

No News - News Corp. has stated that the company is no longer interested in buying the Dallas Stars, because it is not in the firm's best interest. Read here.

Penalty Kick - There are rumors that George Gillett and Tom Hicks will have to pay RBS a hefty penalty of GBP 20 million if Liverpool FC isn't sold by the end of August. Read here.

Two New Pistons - A former NBA executive and a billionaire from Michigan are emerging as additional bidders for the Detroit Pistons. Read here.

Bank Bailout - Soccer club Sheffield Wednesday has received a GBP 22 million loan from a bank, which will rescue the team and finance operations. Read here.