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Today October 27, 2016

A Night To Remember

Written by Rudy on May 04, 2010 - 6:20 am -

The Rudy Report would like to point out that we're just one day away from the big "Cinco de Mayo" celebration (Note: This excludes Arizona), today on "National Candied Orange Peel Day." If you happen to be in Texas in about two weeks, make sure to support the "Alzheimer's Association" as they try to pull off something that has never been done before under such circumstances: A Night To Remember...


After Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s win last weekend, the likelihood for an epic bout between him and Manny Pacquiao has increased greatly. In the NHL playoffs, Boston beat the Flyers again to lead the series 2-0. In the NBA playoffs, the Celtics beat Cleveland on the road to equalize the series. And, in baseball, the Yankees beat Baltimore, while the Mets lost against Cincinnati. Balance of Power is restored again.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Rory McIlroy, Andrew Raycroft, John Watson, and Canadian hockey player John Madden (no, not the other, bigger John Madden). On this day in 1953, Ernest Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize for "The Old Man and the Sea." Nowadays, you don't win any prizes for "The Oil Spill and the Sea." Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but find out why the Rolling Stones show up in the Funny Sports Quote section!

Signature Completed - Ted Leonsis has signed the purchase agreement for the Washington Wizards which he expects to take over in June. Read here.

Highlight For Sky - Sky Broadcasting has won the rights to show Premier League highlights first, completing a round of license sales netting the league as much as GBP 3.3 billion. Read here.

Complete Control - George Shinn has reportedly reached an agreement to sell the New Orleans Hornets to Gary Chouest, which could be announced soon. Read here.

Horsing Around

Written by Rudy on May 03, 2010 - 5:16 am -

The Rudy Report is jumping right into May and we're hoping that you're not still stuck nostalgically in April, because it's time to move forward, today on "National Hug Your Cat Day." As you know, the Kentucky Derby took place this weekend. As a VIP, Rudy had an all-access pass and actually got a chance to pose for a picture with the winning horse...


Super Saver won the Derby on a muddy track. Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat Shane Mosley in Las Vegas. After getting eliminated from the Champions League, Barcelona is looking for new players. Rumors suggest that the team successfully signed David Villa for 40 million Euros. In the Premier League, Chelsea had a huge 2-0 win against Liverpool. ManU beat Sunderland. Arsenal will play against Blackburn today. In the NHL playoffs, Montreal tied the series against Pittsburgh with a 3-1 victory. In baseball, the Yankees destroyed the White Sox, and Mets pitcher Santana had an epic collapse, leading to a Mets loss against Philly. And, in the NBA, the Lakers beat Utah in Game 1 of the series. Atlanta beat Milwaukee in Game 7.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Joseph Addai, Jeff Hornacek, and Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes. On this day in 1936, New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio made his major-league debut, getting 3 hits. Have a great week, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but check out something nice about Idaho in the Random Fact section!

Lucrative Deal - A consulting firm estimates that promotion to the Premier League can be worth as much as GBP 90 million for clubs. Read here.

Giant Involvement - The San Francisco Giants are interested in joining an investor group to make a bid for the Golden State Warriors. Read here.

Unwelcome Fans - A new San Francisco 49ers stadium in Santa Clara could face problems, because residents are afraid of Raiders fans should the 49ers decide to share the arena in the future. Read here.

Going Online - Yahoo has acquired the online video rights for the Premier League in a deal that is expected to benefit both sides. Read here.

Hairy Situation

Written by Rudy on April 30, 2010 - 7:10 am -

The Rudy Report would like to say goodbye to the month of April, which likely won't return until next year, but we'll get ready to move on to May, today on "National Hairstyle Appreciation Day." And since it is "National Hairstyle Appreciation Day", the Rudy Report has selected a very special family to showcase amazing hairstyles. How can you not appreciate this?!?


In the Europa League, Fulham beat Hamburg in the last minute. They will be joined in the final by Atletico Madrid, who beat Liverpool on the road in extra time. And, in baseball, the Mets took a break from winning, while the Yankees beat Baltimore once again.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Michael Waltrip, Isiah Thomas, and Elliott Sadler. On this day in 1492, Spain gave Christopher Columbus his commission of exploration. And you know what happened next... Have a great weekend, there is still the new and controversial Dear Rudy, and check out an accidental, but funny bulk order in the Random Fact section!

Unsustainable Development - A former Manchester United executive has said that the current ownership model is unsustainable for the club. Read here.

Good Choice - Some universities have found that investing money into new stadiums has yielded higher returns than investing in stocks. Read here.

Big Drop - Shares in publicly-traded French soccer club Olympique Lyon have dropped 15% after the team got eliminated from the Champions League. Read here.

Compelling Study - A new study has found that a ballpark in Oakland would generate billions of dollars for the region, which is something the city should consider. Read here.

Derby Fashion

Written by Rudy on April 29, 2010 - 5:59 am -

The Rudy Report is proud to announce that it is becoming the first news report to be added to the list of "Wonders of the World", today on "National Shrimp Scampi Day." The Kentucky Derby will take place this weekend and, as you know, women will wear fashionable hats and dress up. One wants to look better than the other. Some, however, have to improvise due to the recession. This lady right here had to take her carpet, because she couldn't afford a new hat...


Inter Milan had a narrow 1-0 loss against Barcelona in the second game of the semi-final, which was enough for the Italians to qualify for the final of the Champions League. Inter will face Rudy-favorite Bayern Munich in Madrid on May 22nd. In the NHL playoffs, Montreal upset Washington in Game 7 to advance to the next round. And, in baseball, the Yankees beat Baltimore. The Mets won their seventh game in a row.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Jay Cutler, Jonathan Toews, David Lee, and Andre Agassi (see the alliteration?). On this day in 1968, controversial musical "Hair" opened on Broadway. It was especially controversial with the balding population... Have a great day, there is a brand-new and most extreme Dear Rudy yet, involving politics and religion, and learn something about an invention that came way too late in the Random Fact section!

Done Deal - Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis has reached a deal to buy the Washington Wizards and Verizon Center, creating a DC sports empire. Read here.

Looking For New Sources - The Minnesota Vikings have to look for new sources of funding after the idea of using slot machines has been shot down. Read here.

Denying Rumors - Sports investor Tom Hicks has denied rumors that the Dallas Stars have received support money from the National Hockey League. Read here.

Demystifying Leeds - A new rule might force Leeds United to reveal its ownership group if the team gets promoted to the Championship. Read here.

A Good Fit - A wealthy fitness executive is interested in buying the Golden State Warriors, challenging several other groups in a bidding war. Read here.

Complex Talks - The city of Sacramento is in discussions with developers to figure out details regarding the construction of a new arena. Read here.

Bad Timing

Written by Rudy on April 28, 2010 - 6:45 am -

A new survey has found that 72.1% of readers prefer the Rudy Report over air travel delays caused by volcanoes, which is surprising, but good news, today on "National Tell a Story Day." As you have probably heard, ultimate fighter Tito Ortiz got arrested for allegedly beating his wife Jenna Jameson. What you haven't heard is that he was arrested in the morning while he was still in his pajamas...


The Kentucky Derby will go down this weekend. The Rudy Report does not want to endorse "Endorsement" and instead is "Lookin at Lucky." Formula One driver Fernando Alonso has insured his thumbs for GBP 9 million. Rudy-favorite Bayern Munich crushed the French (Lyon) 3-0 in the Champions League to advance to the final in Madrid. Their opponent will be Inter Milan or Barcelona. In the NBA, the Celtics kicked out the Heat. And, in baseball, the Mets beat the Dodgers, while the Yankees lost against Baltimore. There was other stuff going on, but it got kinda late, you know?

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Josh Howard, Diego Simeone, Hal Sutton, and John "Johnny Walker" Daly (And by the way, who would have thought that Jessica Alba, Jay Leno, and Saddam Hussein share the same birthday?). On this day in 2001, millionaire Dennis Tito became the first space tourist. Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but check out something you always knew about work in the Random Fact section!

Looking Better Now - Despite a rumor yesterday that there might be some disagreements, both sides in the New Orleans Hornets deal believe it will get done. Read here.

A Good Sport - Australian city Melbourne has once again received the "Ultimate Sports City" award, making it the best location for sports in the world. Read here.

On The Right Track - The Minnesota Vikings are hopeful to get state funding for a new NFL stadium, with a bill expected to pass soon. Read here.

Deal Battle - The National Hockey League is getting ready to sell new television rights, and this time it looks like Versus and ESPN could fight for the license. Read here.

Happy Ending - World soccer governing body FIFA has stated that all tickets for the World Cup will be sold, despite rumors of weak demand. Read here.