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Today January 20, 2017

Rudy's Yoga Lessons Final Part X

Written by Rudy on November 12, 2009 - 7:57 am -

The Rudy Report is marching into its second year on the web with tons of news as we get closer to the Holiday Season, today on "National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day." The Rudy Report is announcing another one of the four RR1YWADRC winners. Congratulations to Barney M. Stanley-Smith, whose Dear Rudy about father-son relationships at work is featured today! Also today, we will be completing our Yoga course with the 10th and final pose. Over the past 2 and a half months, you have become true Rudy Yoga Masters (which is an official title). Make sure to stretch before trying this pose, which has an ugly name, but can be practiced nearly everywhere...


No NFL team has claimed Kansas City running back Larry Johnson off waivers, which he thinks is pretty gay... The German national team has canceled its friendly against Chile this weekend due to the suicide of goalkeeper Robert Enke who threw himself in front of a train, having suffered from depression for many years. Mike Tyson got arrested for fighting with the paparazzi in LA. In the NHL, the Islanders lost against Washington 5-4 after a shoot-out. And, in the NBA, the Knicks once again lost, this time against Atlanta.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Tonya Harding, Sammy Sosa, Al Michaels, and Michael Moorer (which is the superlative last name of Moore). On this day in 1998, Daimler-Benz completed the takeover of Chrysler to form Daimler-Chrysler. And we all know how well that worked out... Have a great day, check out one of the winning Dear Rudy questions, and find out something you did not know for sure about Robin Williams in the Random Fact section!

Renewing The Lease - National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said that the league might try to renegotiate the Coyotes lease with Glendale. Read here.

The Real Deal - Sports investor Dave Checketts is apparently close to selling 49% of MLS club Real Salt Lake to real estate developer Dell Loy Hansen. Read here.

Countdown Is On - British soccer club Notts County has been given four days to settle its tax debt or else the team will face liquidation. Read here.

Taking The Helmet Off - A report by the Wall Street Journal is examining whether football players should stop wearing helmets entirely. Read here.

Heat Is Still On - Miami Heat owner Micky Arison has said that he will try to keep Dwayne Wade and has no intention to sell the team. Read here.

Provocative Comments - Russian hockey league founder Alexander Medvedev stated that the KHL can offer more to star player Ilya Kovalchuk than the NHL. Read here.

Trouble On The Horizon - European soccer governing organization UEFA could become an obstacle for England's anticipated bid for the 2018 World Cup. Read here.

Not Bad For A 1-Year Old

Written by Rudy on November 11, 2009 - 6:58 am -

One year ago, when the world seemed to end and all hope was lost, the Rudy Report made its debut on the world wide web, and within a year, the world became a better place, and that is why we will celebrate the big 1-Year Rudy Report Anniversary, today on "World Rudy Report Day." Today is not just a day for Rudy, but it is also the day for all you readers. This would have not been possible without your continued support (Well, it would have been possible, but it would have sucked if nobody read it). And to all of you who have joined the Rudy Report over the past year: Great choice! You have become part of the information and lifestyle elite!

And just so you know, the Rudy Report will continue to provide you with the best sports information and must-know lifestyle facts in the second year, becoming stronger than ever...


Let's shift our attention to the prestigious and much-hyped Rudy Report 1-Year Website Anniversary Dear Rudy Competition ("RR1YWADRC"). Many of you have participated and there have been tons of great questions about a countless number of topics. Since the Rudy Report's birthday is on 11/11, Rudy has decided that there will not be just one winner, but four Number 1's. That's right, Rudy has chosen 4 winners, who will each be receiving one exclusive hat from the Rudy Report collection. Congratulations!

The Rudy Report will not be announcing all winners and their winning Dear Rudys at once. Instead, every winner's Dear Rudy will be presented on a different day, starting today and running until Monday. They will be in no particular order. First up will be a person named "Future Rudy" whose Dear Rudy took a unique approach. Enjoy! By the way, all Dear Rudy questions that did not win, will not become public, so that in a 100 years from now someone can do a cool marketing stunt and recover them as "The Lost Dear Rudys", kind of like the lost Michael Jackson or Beatles songs...

Below is a picture that shows how people around the world are celebrating the 1-Year Anniversary, followed by some interesting statistics about the Rudy Report.


The Rudy Report in Numbers:

1 - Twitter rank of the Rudy Report when ranking all Rudys, surpassing NBA stars, college football heroes, and politicians

2 - Number of times the Rudy Report was written while being thousands of feet above the ground on a plane

7 - Number of times Rudy politely declined to accept the Nobel Peace Prize before it was given to Barack Obama

64 - Number of countries in which the Rudy Report is read

117 - Days that have passed since the Rudy Report became the first internationally acclaimed media outlet in the world to declare the end of the recession on July 17, 2009

222 - Number of Rudy Reports produced in the past year

31,536,000,000 - Milliseconds that have passed since the Rudy Report made its online debut

In sports news, Joe Cada became the youngest ever World Series of Poker Main Event champion, winning $8.55 million in Las Vegas. The New York Yankees said they will try to re-sign Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, and Andy Pettitte for next year. The German Bundesliga has voted to uphold the "50+1 Rule", essentially denying investors the chance to become majority owners of a club. Meanwhile, 32-year old German national team goalkeeper Robert Enke shockingly died on Tuesday in what appears to be a suicide. And, Brett Hull, Brian Leetch, Lou Lamoriello, Luc Robitaille, and Steve Yzerman got inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to the Rudy Report, Willie Parker, Philipp Lahm, Matt Garza, and Estonian speed skating legend "Antsy" Ants Antson. On this day in 1750, the F.H.C. Society, also known as the Flat Hat Club (Note: Not nearly as nice as a Rudy Report hat), was formed in Raleigh Tavern, Williamsburg, VA, becoming the first college fraternity in the United States. Have a great celebration, check out the first of four winning Dear Rudys, and find out what the Vatican has to do with basketball in the Random Fact section!

Cuban Invasion - Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is rumored to be interested in buying the Los Angeles Dodgers should the team become available. Read here.

It Takes Two - The Toronto Maple Leafs for the first time hinted that it would be okay for the National Hockey League to bring a second team to the area. Read here.

Smart Strategy - Stan Kroenke's gradual acquisition of Arsenal London shares is apparently meant to generate fan support and avoid a hostile takeover situation. Read here.

Fighting Windmills - Quebec City announced that it is conducting a study to find out if it makes sense for the region to submit another Olympic bid. Read here.

Renewed Hope - After years of struggling to get a new stadium, the San Diego Chargers appear to be closer to a solution that would allow the team to stay in town. Read here.

Looking At Options - A new reports provides as many as 20 options for the Columbus Blue Jackets to stay in the city, showing a real sense of urgency. Read here.

Rock On!

Written by Rudy on November 10, 2009 - 7:24 am -

Tomorrow is the big 1-Year Anniversary and we will find out who won the famous Dear Rudy competition (Note: Rudy favors the undemocratic process by self-selecting the winner without consultation of a jury or unqualified experts), but let's finish up the first year first, today on "National Operating Room Nurse Day." By the way, you know that Rock 'n Roll has brought much joy to our lives, but few know that it can also make you better in school. This excerpt from a Facebook status update certainly proves the statement...


Pitchers Roy Halladay and Rich Harden might become available for trades this off-season. On Monday Night Football, the Denver Broncos hosted champion Pittsburgh. The Steelers prevailed and won at Mile High Stadium. In the NBA, the Knicks lost against Utah. And in the Premier League, Liverpool had a mediocre 2-2 tie against Birmingham City.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Donte Stallworth, Kenny Rogers, Jens Lehmann, and former Formula One racer Eddie Irvine. On this day in 1969, National Educational Television debuted the show Sesame Street in the United States. Awesome show! Have a great day, get ready for some Dear Rudys starting tomorrow, and check out a new Christmas fact in the Random Fact section!

Just A Little Bit More - The British government has apparently understated the costs of the 2012 Olympic Games by GBP 2.7 billion, resulting in total costs of at least GBP 12 billion. Read here.

Empire Expansion - Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert might acquire more Cleveland sports franchises should they become available on the market. Read here.

Agent Uncovered - The Football Association (FA) has ruled that clubs have to make public the payments they make to player agents. Read here.

P-P-P-Pokerface - A former Bear Stearns employee has become a poker player, winning $1.6 million at the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event. Read here.

Shirt Shortfall - New Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo does not generate as many sales of merchandise as former player David Beckham, according to a new report. Read here.

Willing To Sell - NHL Columbus Blue Jackets majority owner John McConnell could sell the team if there is no solution for the difficult financial situation. Read here.

Big Fundraiser - Premier League club Liverpool FC is confident that it is able to raise as much as GBP 250 million for a naming rights deal for a new stadium. Read here.

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Written by Rudy on November 09, 2009 - 8:07 am -

Rudy Report 1-Year Anniversary Special Competition: To celebrate the Rudy Report's 1-Year Website Anniversary next Wednesday, November 11, 2009, a "Dear Rudy Competition" has been created. Everyone can participate and it's really easy. Just submit your Dear Rudy question by Monday, November 9, 2009, 8PM EST. The most creative, unusual, and unique Dear Rudy will be featured in Wednesday's Anniversary Edition and the winner will also get the Official Rudy Report Hat from the Rudy Report Collection! So hurry up and submit your questions for Rudy either in the site's Dear Rudy section or send it directly to Good luck!

The Rudy Report is back from the weekend and we're really close to the big 1-Year Anniversary celebration, but until then there is lots to talk about, today on "National Go To An Art Museum Day." Remember, send in your Dear Rudy questions today for your chance to become famous around the world and wherever else the Rudy Report is read. By the way, if you ever wondered what it looks like when a little girl tells a dog a funny joke, just look at this picture right here...


While the Yankees are at the top of the world, the New York Giants have fallen hard, losing against San Diego 21-20 in the final seconds of the game. Just like the entire US auto industry, Jimmie Johnson's car was a wreck, making the NASCAR Chase interesting again as rivals caught up significantly in terms of points. On Saturday, the Knicks lost against Milwaukee. In the NHL, the Rangers lost against Calgary, but the Islanders had a solid 6-3 win against Atlanta. In college football, Alabama had a huge win versus LSU. Florida, Alabama, and Texas remain the top three teams. And, in the Premier League, Chelsea beat Manchester United 1-0, thanks to a goal by captain John Terry, solidifying the team's lead in the league. Arsenal beat Wolverhampton, and Liverpool will face Birmingham City today.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Alessandro Del Piero, David Duval, Chris Jericho, and Italian bridge playing legend Fulvio Fantoni. (By the way, for all you People magazine readers, it's also Nick Lachey AND Vanessa Minnillo's birthday! Lame, I know.) On this day in 1985, Gary Kasparov became the youngest World Chess Champion by beating Anatoly Karpov at age 22. Have a great week, there is still no Dear Rudy due to the Anniversary Competition (see details on top), but you can learn something about toothpaste marketing in the Random Fact section!

Shift Change - Florida Panthers owner Alan Cohen has sold as much as half of his 43% stake in the Florida Panthers to Cliff Viner and Stu Siegel, giving up control of the team. Read here.

Financial Trouble - The property firm of Tottenham Hotspurs owner Joe Lewis failed in August which could be good news for rival Crystal Palace. Read here.

Creative Sponsorship - A firm is sponsoring US golfer Ryan Moore, but instead of making a direct payment to the player, they are giving him an ownership stake plus the option for a bonus. Read here.

Jackets Don't Fit - After a consultant said yesterday that the Columbus Blue Jackets may not be viable in Ohio, more details emerge, such as an annual team loss of $12 million. Read here.

New Name? - Premier League club Chelsea FC is exploring the possibility of a naming rights deal for the team stadium amid news that the transfer ban is suspeneded for the January window. Read here and here.

Christmas Gifts Continued

Written by Rudy on November 06, 2009 - 8:10 am -

Rudy Report 1-Year Anniversary Special Competition: To celebrate the Rudy Report's 1-Year Website Anniversary next Wednesday, November 11, 2009, a "Dear Rudy Competition" has been created. Everyone can participate and it's really easy. Just submit your Dear Rudy question by Monday, November 9, 2009, 8PM EST. The most creative, unusual, and unique Dear Rudy will be featured in Wednesday's Anniversary Edition and the winner will also get the Official Rudy Report Hat from the Rudy Report Collection! So hurry up and submit your questions for Rudy either in the site's Dear Rudy section or send it directly to Good luck!

The Rudy Report will spend Saturday at the United Nations in an effort to increase awareness of how the Rudy Report makes the world a better place, but before that happens, we'll focus on the Weekend Edition, today on "National Men Make Dinner Day" (Note: This is a courtesy mention. Rudy does not actively participate in this day). Christmas is approaching quickly and the Rudy Report continues its Gift Guide 2009. Everyone at work has a coffee mug that has some kind of funny phrase on it. Well, if you really want something different, you should consider this one right here. From now on, besides tasting like Juan Valdez coffee, it will also look like it...


The New York Yankees will have their victory parade today in Downtown Manhattan, starting at 11am. For all Mets fans who were born after 1986 (the last time the Mets won a World Series), it's a great opportunity for you to come down and have a look at what the trophy actually looks like... And, in the UEFA Cup, Everton lost against Benfica Lisbon 2-0, Villareal beat Lazio Rome 4-1, and Bremen had a 2-0 win against Vienna, just to name a few top games.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Lamar Odom-Kardashian, Ana Ivanovic, and Ricky Romero. On this day in 1528, shipwrecked Spanish conquistador Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca became the first European to set foot in Texas. The second European to do that was Dirk Nowitzki. Have a great weekend, there's no new Dear Rudy due to the Anniversary Competition, but check out different technologies in the Random Fact section!

Final Yankees Numbers - The Economic Development Corporation has stated that the New York Yankees title run has resulted in a $59.6 million gain for New York businesses. Read here.

Domino Effect - After Honda and Toyota quitting Formula One racing, Renault is rumored to become the next team to withdraw from the competition. Read here.

Stan The Acquirer - Stan Kroenke has acquired even more shares of Premier League club Arsenal, now being shy just 0.1% of a mandatory takeover offer. Read here.

Revived Effort - An organization in Jacksonville has revived efforts to make sure that NFL franchise Jacksonville Jaguars stays in town. Read here.

Working On It - The Las Vegas City Council has taken further steps to get a sports franchise to the city by starting to plan an 18,000-seat arena. Read here.

Valuable Advice - A consulting firm says that the Columbus Blue Jackets could leave the city if the lease and financial prospects do not improve soon. Read here.