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Today November 22, 2017

About The Rudy Report

aboutImageThe Rudy Report was founded by the individual known as "Rudy" to the virtual world in the Fall of 2002. The report has evolved from a "Nightlife" review to a "Sports Business" newsletter and, finally, to the best "Lifetstyle & Sports" website on the internet.

The Rudy Report culture is unique as it is very "reader-centered." Readers with strong opinions participate frequently to challenge Rudy or to simply make a point. At the Rudy Report, people say things others might be afraid of saying. You are part of an elite online community of informed cosmopolitans that enjoy life.

The Rudy Report History Line

  • October 2002: The Rudy Report posts its first "Rudy Report" on the door outside of Rudy's college dorm room at Columbia University. The report reviews Lotus nightclub, a hotspot in New York's meatpacking district. More than 250 reports will follow until May of 2006

  • November 2006: The Rudy Report makes its debut at Citigroup, becoming the first Wall Street tabloid e-mail newsletter. The report focuses on the business of sports and quickly develops into the ultimate source of entertainment for Citi employees. Thanks to the Rudy Report, Citi never sleeps... More than 350 reports follow until June of 2008.

  • November 2008: The Rudy Report launches its official website enabling the world to participate. The Rudy Report will be free and available to everyone from the deserts of Africa, to the mountains of Nepal, to the office buildings of Manhattan.